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Kim Piercy recommends TiggyTails.

27 October 2018 at 08:43 ·

Went to Laura’s workshop last nite with friends and wow did that 2 hours fly by. Learnt so many tips and tricks that I can hopefully master in my daughter’s hair. Styles were shown in easy to follow steps (even for me lol) hair designs that seem very tricky and impossible now seem easy. Highly recommend these workshops. Loved the goodie bag and being able to purchase a few more bits and pieces was great

Michelle Manning recommends TiggyTails.

17 September 2018·

Really enjoyable evening. Came away with new skills, tools and the confidence to create some gorgeous but not too tricky hairstyles. Many thanks Laura for sharing your knowledge 😊

Tonya Bristow reviewed TiggyTails – 5 star

28 September 2018

Excellent workshop. I went knowing not much more than a basic braid and came away knowing several styles and lot a of tips and tricks to make hair look amazing! Highly recommend for all levels as the workshop is tailored to your level and what you want to learn!

Belinda Lansley recommends TiggyTails.

8 August 2018 ·

Laura just does fabulous hair! She has worked with me on a photo shoot and did outstanding intricate

Megan Manson reviewed TiggyTails – 5 star

13 September 2018 ·

I loved the tiggy tails class… I’m able to do much more with my hair and my daughters! It’s actually really easy!!

Angela Bevege recommends TiggyTails.

29 October 2018 at 11:33 ·

Attended a Tiggy tails workshop on Friday 26th Sept. I don’t have any girls, infact I have four boys! I attended this workshop so I could learn to do my own hair. I absolutely loved it, things that looked so hard turned out to be the simplest things ever to do. I’m looking forward to trying these styles out very soon.

So, even if you don’t have a daughter who needs her hair doing, it’s still well worth doing these

Cj O’Donnell reviewed TiggyTails – 5 star

15 September ·

This course was awesome. Really helped me with ideas and techniques. Enjoyed it lots and made me feel more confident about doing my daughter’s hair.

Karina Margetts recommends TiggyTails.

28 October at 08:52 ·

What a fantastic and fun workshop thanks so much Laura! Excellent value for money.
Laura makes you feel very welcome and has a relaxed but professional presentation style. Allows ample time in a supportive environment to practice hairstyles, ask questions and achieve looks I never thought Possible.
Bonus goodie bag provided to achieve all the basic styles introdiced at home as well as light refreshments provided.
Highly recommend! Two hours well worth spent!!

Julia Malton reviewed TiggyTails – 5 star

15 September ·

Such a great night really enjoyed it. I went thinking I wouldn’t be able to do a thing but with help it seems I can! Thanks

Amanda Van Rooy recommends TiggyTails.

29 October at 06:39 ·

This workshop was real value for money. Laura teaches you how to create so many creative and cool hairstyles that look complicated but are actually quite easy. She is full of simple tips and tricks that will change the way you style hair. Loved this workshop!!

Anita Ramsay reviewed TiggyTails – 5 star

28 October at 18:20 ·

Awesome finally learning some cute hairstyles for Georgia. Fingers crossed she stays as still as the mannequin!

JeffRebecca Colombus recommends TiggyTails.

2 November at 10:25 ·

Definitely a must do workshop with girls. Laura is fabulous! Gave me the confidence to try new things! Lots of fun!!

Morgan Andrews reviewed TiggyTails – 5 star

14 September ·

Great evening learning a range of different hair styles – highly recommend – thanks again

Kristy Pritchard recommends TiggyTails.

13 October ·

Fab beginners class. Laura made things look so easy .. then we tried them.. and they were easy! Lots of great tips and tricks. Goodie bag with some of the wee tools used in the class. I went in with no knowledge and came out with the confidence to do a number of cool styles! Thanks Laura 🙂

Nicci Duffy reviewed TiggyTails – 5 star

13 June 2015 ·

My two daughters loved their Tiggy Tails bow styles and asked to visit Laura again the same week for more! Fabulous fun and beautiful work thanks Laura. Nicci

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Donna Chambers recommends TiggyTails.

7 October ·

Fantastic class, relaxed and fun. Lots of great styles learnt that won’t take long to do yay!

Hallie Eyles recommends TiggyTails.

16 September ·

Great Beginners class! Thoroughly enjoyed it, very well taught and great atmosphere. Will highly recommend going. Now just to put what I have learnt into practice!

Lizzy Lauder recommends TiggyTails.

15 September ·

Very awesome informative class, Laura takes the time to explain everything clearly, perfect for all levels. Especially beginning. Super welcoming, loads of fun and learnt so much! Looking forward to putting it all to practice.

Anna Mills recommends TiggyTails.

16 September ·

Had a really fun session at Tiggy Tails, and learnt so many cool braids. Laura was a great instructor, very relaxed and explained things really well. She had put on nibbles and drinks and a it was a fun night out! Hopefully I can remember some of the things I leant, or I will be back again!

Tracy Mckerchar recommends TiggyTails.

28 October at 18:34 ·

Highly recommend going to a Tiggy Tails workshop. So many tricks and tips. There were a lot of ohhhhs and light bulb moments. So glad I went!!!

Tracy Mckerchar

Bridgit Marquet recommends TiggyTails.

29 September ·

Thanks Laura what a fantastic workshop – from thinking all I could ever do was a ponytail and basic plait, amazed by how much I have learned and looking forward to using all your tips and tricks. Ruby loved the session too thanks again.

Denise Olley recommends TiggyTails.

13 September ·

The classes are fun.
Laura’s teaching skills are the best.
Given me the confidence to tackle my granddaughters hair each morning.
Love the compliments I receive from Aleisha’s teachers each

Hiedee Harris recommends TiggyTails.

7 October ·

Fabulous course! 🙌🏼 Thank you so much, I learnt so much. Can’t wait to practice 😉

Zoë McFadden recommends TiggyTails.

15 September ·

100% Amazing!!! Would definitely recommend to anyone who wants to learn to do cool things with either your or your kids hair!!! Laura is a wonderful teacher and for someone like me who can only just do stuff like a ponytail I walked away being able to do some wonderful styles!!! Thank you you much Laura 😊😊

Melanie Cotter recommends TiggyTails.

28 October at 21:21 ·

so much fun tonight experimenting! you really don’t have to have any talent to do her courses at all. I’ve learnt several styles to do in my daughter’s hair. she’s going to be stoked in the morning when I can do more than a half up pony tail! thanks Laura! look forward to doing a more complex one in the future too!

Kayla Haywood recommends TiggyTails.

7 October ·

I learnt so much tonight thank you highly recommend your workshop

Tania Marie recommends TiggyTails.

28 August ·

Had a fun evening with a friend having wine and nibbles and learning heaps of new braids and styles! Would totally recommend! Lots of cool wee things to buy too! Thanks so much Tiggy Tails ❤️

Tania Marie Waterfall braid


Maryann Read recommends TiggyTails.

28 October at 17:28 ·

Fantastic afternoon of fun mastering hairstyles I have dreamed of doing but never quite conquering.

Angela Jones recommends TiggyTails.

29 October at 13:48 ·

Laura is down to earth and easy to understand , I hosted a workshop with some friends , I didnt know how to do more than a pony tail … I now know how to do a range of styles that look so impressive but are quick and easy for me to achieve. So worth it – Do the course !

Paula Scott recommends TiggyTails.

14 October ·

Thanks for a great night last night in Rangiora 😊 Great styles and so easy when you’ve been shown how! I had 2 happy girls today 😍

Nicola Cohen recommends TiggyTails.

7 October ·

Great evening tonight learnt a lot and had a ball with a lovely bunch of ladies

Jo Merriman recommends TiggyTails.

15 September ·

What a great way of spending a few hours and learning to braid. A great way to treat yourself or even gift to a friend