Why we do it

Our Story

I’m Laura Hall, the founder of TiggyTailsNZ.

TiggyTails was created to help parents who feel overwhelmed by the routine of doing their child’s hair every morning. It has evolved into much more than that now but the goal remains the same,

To empower parents to create amazing hairstyles.

This is Miss Tiggy.

She arrived in 2012 and was welcomed by two very excited older brothers. Her hair was amazing, and as an infant, we would often be stopped by people commenting. By six months it was out of control and I started to clip and tie it to keep it off her face. It never fell out or slowed growing and by two was past her shoulders (except for the bit she decided to cut off!)

The name TiggyTails came from Miss Tiggy’s baby way of saying piggy tails. In 2014 I set up the TiggyTails Facebook page as a place to document the daily hairstyles for friends and family who wanted to see what we were getting up to.

In the last few months, TiggyTails has grown into a successful business with over 100 people attending workshops and successfully taking the learning and recreating it for themselves at home. I am very proud of what TiggyTails has become and our newest child Baby Tiggy will have years of beautiful styles ahead of her.